Shoots a volley of flaming arrows halfway across the Arena. The Princess is afraid of germs, so keep the rabble away from her!


  • The Princess is unlockable from the Royal Arena (Arena 7).
  • She is a long range, low hitpoint troop that deals area damage.
  • The Princess range is so long she can target and shoot Arena Towers from the opposite side of the river.


  • The Princess ranged area damage makes her a good counter for hordes of low hitpoint troops.
  • The area damage of the Princess is very high, but due to her low hitpoints, she can be eliminated quickly. It is effective to spawn a Giant or Knight in front of her to engage any opposing troops so that the Princess can survive and continue to inflict damage.
  • A well placed Fireball, Goblin Barrel, X-Bow, Dark Prince or Arrows can easily defeat the Princess.
  • Although the Princess is superior to attacking defenses at a far distance, the Tesla cannot be attacked by the Princess whilst it is hiding, forcing the player to aggressively attack the Tesla Tower or to leave the Princess to be eliminated.
  • when defending try putting her at the back so it is harder for enemy troops to attack her.


  • The Princess was added to the game on 29/2/16 with the March Update.
  • On 23/3/16, a Balance Update decreased her hitpoints by 10%.
    • Before the update, from level 5 onwards, the Princess could not be taken out by level 12 Arrows (and also she could not be taken out in friendly battle where the Legendary level cap is 1 and the common level cap is 8).
  • The Princess is currently the only troop that can hit an Arena Tower without being targeted by the opposing Crown Tower.
  • According to the official game tips, two Princesses guard the two Arena Towers.
    • However, the Arena Tower Princesses do not shoot flame arrow volleys and have less range compared to the Princess troop.
  • When attacking, she can say words such as Lets go!, Gotcha!, Bullseye!, and Yay.
  • She is one of the two legendary cards, along with the Ice Wizard.


Hit Speed
Icons stats dmg speed
Icons stats speed
Deploy Time
Icons stats range
Icons stats target
Icons stats troop count
3 sec Medium 1 sec 9.5 Air & Ground 3 x1 Troop Legendary
Icons stats hp
Area Damage
Icons stats dmg area
Damage per second
Icons stats dmg dps
1 216 150 50
2 237 165 55
3 261 181 60
4 287 199 66
5 315 219 73
6 346(Confirmation Needed) 240 80

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